GP 15 JETA scale 1:2,5.


Full carbon construction, produced based  on original glider documentations and 3d files thanks to cooperation with GP Gliders.


  • split wings as an option
  • wing span 6000mm
  • lenght 2584mm
  • wing area 126dm2
  • laminar wing airfoils were specially created for high efficiency for the widest possible range of speed and especially for thermal flights. Correct work of airfoils for variable width of flaps. High lift coefficiency with relatively low resistance and possibility of using a displacement of flaps of 4 degrees up for highier speeds.
  • wing airfoil thickness 9,36% - 7.32%
  • 7 different airfoils used for wings, 2 different for stabilizer
  • flight weight 14-16kg.


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